About Gps tracking system tanzania

GPS -tracker features


✅Simple tracking with sms and mobile app
✅Ability to cutoff oil and shutdown the car remotely via sms
✅overspeed alarm
✅voice listening abilities
✅Real-time Tracking
✅Historical Track Playback
✅SOS Alarm
✅Voice Monitoring
✅Two-way Voice Calling
✅Remote Control Oil oil Circuit cut


Features Summary

Installing a car/motorcycle tracking system will allows you to track your car real time location by an app or sending a simple text massage to your car and it will reply with a link of its current location also you can turn off your car remotely via an app or by sending a #stop text massage to your car Also historical tracking which alows you to see all the places your car has been in a day ,other features include voice monitoring where you can call your car and listen to sounds in the car , Overspeed alarm and , SOS alarm 

Our Services

Fleet management

We offer tracking services to transportation companies with a 24/7 tracking access via webapp tracking cargo and cars.

Gps system installation

We offer tracking solution for cars and motorcycles securing your precious assets

Cargo Tracking

Our Container Tracking system allows you to determine the current position of containers on the world map

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